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Hastings, Rotherham, Merseyside, Bromley, Portsmouth, Margate, Gdansk, Withernsea, Heronsgate, Stirchley, Liverpool, Slade Green, Hertfordshire, Thurrock, Bromford, Ostrava,

Parrabbola is a storyteller - producing community theatre and plays, festivals and events, incorporating music or dance - and develops creative talent in the UK and Europe.

Parrabbola has an established record across the UK and Europe working with communities who are:
  • celebrating and developing confidence and self-expression, whatever their age or background
  • sharing and commemorating a common heritage
  • searching for new direction, for example following the closure of local industry or major employers
  • building shared values and sense of place to create community identity
  • looking to develop their own expressive voice and talents
Parrabbola is rooted in the communities where it works. Everything is designed to be enjoyable and engaging, to develop skills and build a creative legacy.

"Friendships were forged, emerging talents blossomed and those of us involved were definitely brought together as a community ... I am so grateful that at the age of 82 I was given the opportunity to be part of such a grand venture, so vast in scope and so great in achievement. Being part of 'Land of Liberty' has been fulfilling, enriching and at times a deeply moving experience for me, one that will live in my memory and rank as one of the best experiences I have ever had."
Community play participant

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Previous work can be viewed at Vimeo.