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Hastings, Rotherham, Merseyside, Bromley, Portsmouth, Margate, Gdansk, Withernsea, Heronsgate, Stirchley, Liverpool, Slade Green, Hertfordshire, Thurrock, Bromford, Ostrava,

Mainstream theatre productions are developed with professional involvement but always have a strong community impulse and theme. Theatre is an ideal way of getting community stories better known by a wider public. Parrabbola makes theatre that tells the stories of communities that allows the people of that community to have a voice - to be heard.

For example, fish are one of the world's great natural resources and the subject of Parrabbola's Half a Cod a Day.

Half a Cod a Day
Inspired by the local fishing community, Parrabbola writer Brian Abbott has written a play, Half a Cod a Day, working with local action groups in Hastings. The play specifically addresses the current state of the UK fishing industry, the need to treat fish properly, the impacts of legislation, overfishing and carelessness. (+)

Half a Cod a Day is an agit prop theatre piece that demonstrates the need for change in how fish stocks are conserved, managed and fished. It is a call to action individually and globally. The play has been made with the stories and histories of the fishermen of the Hastings fishing fleet, a way of life that sits at the heart of the town.

The play is designed to make audiences laugh and cry - but most importantly to think. (-)

Secret Stirchley and Bromford Dreams
As part of Inhabit, a programme of pop-up tea-rooms at Birmingham, managed and curated by Hybrid Consulting, Parrabbola developed two site-specific pieces. (+)

A street performance with stories gathered from local people, Secret Stirchley told the area's evolving story. It was performed by three professional actors, and explored the tension between the history of Stirchley as a vibrant suburb to the issues of a dormitory suburb today. Opportunities for the future were voiced as a new, younger community move into the area.

In Bromford Dreams members of the community shared their dreams for the suburb and celebrated those aspirations as a piece of event theatre.

Tales from Cabbage Island
Parrabbola created and produced an event during the 2012 Olympic torch relay in Slade Green. The commission came from Hybrid Consulting, with whom Parrabbola worked in Birmingham. (+)

Based on stories from residents captured on postcards
and in interviews, Brian Abbott has written a piece about Slade Green designed to have a life beyond the day. The intention is to perform the event as a community play.